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Changes log

Rootkhp V 1.6 Latest Tool Update

  • Site translations added from English to German/Russian
  • Windows Vista SP1 trouble solved
  • Expanded device support adding BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry DTEK50, Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, Huawei G9 Plus, Xiaomi Mi5 and more
  • More stable work frame

V 1.5 Update

  • Addresses minor flaws making more stable processing

V 1.4 Update

  • Address minor bugs reported in previous tool updates
  • Improved interface
  • Updated database of almost all supported devices

V 1.3 Update

  • Added more device support

V 1.2 Update

  • Updated database of the compatible devices
  • Advancement made on work scripts

V 1.1 Update

  • More device models added
  • Addresses minor bugs

V 1.0 Update

  • Design of the program updated
  • Improvements to database of the supported devices

V 0.9 Update

  • New devices added for the compatibility list
  • Support given to Windows Vista

V 0.8 Update

  • Enhanced program speed

V 0.7 Update

  • “Check for root” feature introduced as a beta feature

V 0.6 Update

  • Addresses minor stability issues
  • Fix slight bugs
  • Addresses troubles with Micromax Phones and Tablets

V 0.5 Update

  • Added Android 4.4.2 support

V 0.4 Update

  • Device support expanded with more models of Sony
  • Micromax bolt A36 problems sorted
  • Improved root scripts

V 0.3 Update

  • More Samsung devices added in the support list
  • Made improvements in the work frame

V 0.2 Update

  • Weight of the executable file has been dropped down
  • Added support for Android 5.1

V 0.1 Update

  • Released the initial version of the program in 2015 February