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How to root Android Nougat using Rootkhp Download

Android Nougat is now marking its way as the latest and greatest version of Android with a lot of improvements. But if you still in need having more by coming out of all the stock walls, the chance here is root. Simply, the post here is all about how to root Android Nougat using Rootkhp Download. If you in the final word of getting full right of entry to your Android Phone or Tablet, you have been the right place for complete learning of Rootkhp. Walk through everything in detail.

rootkhp android nougat

In general vocalization, rooting is hard for many in making the right tool choice for Android version, device model, and in deciding the tool with less risk and so on. So with these conditions you would realize that different solutions are required for the same task in respect to which version, device model you belong. So making things easier, I write you with Rootkhp Download which the best option for Android Nougat 7.0 roots.

A Word about Rootkhp Download

Rootkhp is commendable root software which you can have totally free regardless the option for donations. Starting the journey from early 2015, we now find various tool updates to keep the promise of supporting a wide database of devices. So check for the confirmation that you device is supported and make your root fast with Download Rootkhp Free. It runs through Windows with many supportive features disparate to other root programs trap you in trouble. So check for all the tool features.

How to Root Android Nougat with Rootkhp Download?

Although rooting sound terrible for some, it only remains until the right tool option is found. So here the way to Android Nougat Root following easy Rootkhp techniques.

Things you need:

  • A PC powered Windows
  • A device compatible running Android Nougat
  • USB that is with the best match to your device


  • First of all, you are strictly advised to make a complete backup of all the device data to keep all them safe even after system level changes are done. It is largely possible to get all them erased when making system alterations , so make a fast backup.
  • As the time for various device root could be varied, make sure your device is with sufficient power (More than 50% recommended)
  • Head security setting of your device and enable USB debugging

What to follow?

  • Step 1: Download Rootkhp on the PC
  • Step 2: Follow the screen instructions and let the installation happen
  • Step 3: Connect your device to the PC with the USB
  • Step 4: Launch the program, and click the button in orange saying “Root”
  • Step 5: When the screen notifies that rooting is started, wait
  • Step 6: Once you see, “Congratulations! Root Finished!”, close the window and enjoy all features

Following the steps as said will make you successfully rooted. For further confirmations, make a fast check through a Root Checker app free from the Play Store.

Troubleshooting Tips

In respect to different device models, there might be some instances you need troubleshooting advice. If you meet with any errors, here are the basic needful.

  • Make sure Windows PC is installed the drivers software up to date
  • Run the root program as an administrator
  • Always use the main USB port when connecting the device to the PC
  • Double check the compatibility of the device
  • Download Rootkhp v1.6 latest for less risk of failure
  • When processing, do not make any disturbance until it shows finished