Rootkhp download – Pick up the latest v1.6 for Android Nougat

Hence, this is a brand new Android rooting tool which completely supports for the most recent Android version which so-called Android Nougat. This is the first ever software package comes just for free with the very initial edition 0.1 in 2015. The tool Rootkhp download recently launched v1.6 behind fixes and brush up functions in addition.

However, it basically works on almost all Windows platforms over 1K smart kits. Affording to developers sketch, the utility still being fleeting its mounting phase. Once you decide to request its root authentication, keep in mind it willpower at your individual risk.

rootkhp download

Special facts

  • Latest version 1.6 available for free
  • Confirmed the supportiveness in excess of 30 models and above 1K related kits (You can navigate to our “Supported devices” site sheet for the widespread list)
  • No supportive version for Mac/Linux. Thus, Windows is the required operating system
  • Rootkhp apk version is still in under production
  • The version 1.4 started the ability of root the most recent Android Nougat

Variation logs of the version 1.6

  • Bugs that found related to LG G2, Hisense C1 and Nexus 6 have been positively amended
  • Repaired bug report from the Windows Vista SP 1 workability
  • Exposed the compatibility for further handsets (BlackBerry DTEK50, BlackBerry Priv, Xiaomi Redmi3 Pro, Huawei G9 Plus, Xiaomi Mi5 besides further)
  • Expanded for new further languages. Basically to Russian and German plus further in nearly future

How to root any Android phone using Rootkhp?

As you read above, Rootkhp download has no apk version. Hence, you have to download the file directly on your Windows desktop and proceed.


  1. A workable personal computer based on Windows operating system
  2. Compile the very own USB wire of the device
  3. USB debugging mode has to activate as frequently. Go through according to your android edition. Since your debug option is hidden, keep in mind to get it over your device model code

How to?

  • Get back to your downloaded tool file for its installation
  • Open the graphical user interface
  • Now network dual devices using the USB wire
  • You will see the switch appear in orange
  • Press the key and remain
  • Once the procedure will start, you will see the note appear as “Root process started. Please wait few minutes”
  • If you will not see the notification, there might something wrong
  • However, when it will magnificently detect, the operation will carry out through few minutes. At the end, you will see that you have been flourished

Video lead

Note: For those who desire further confirmation of the successfulness able to request Root Checker app from the Play store

Winding up

Rootkhp download is a trendy utility and that proficient of getting rooted Android Nougat the seventh chapter. The basic model well-matched only with Windows operating system. The developer has not announced about the Rootkp apk download yet. To have finest results throughout the application, you have to transfer the latest replica number 1.6. Though anyone can donate for the tool evolution, no matter of your free obtainability deal in addition. However, the implement has been exposing for varies languages aimed at global coverage. And remain for more modifications which will make the tool more comprehensible.  You can return for our old narrations for any other older particular.

Rootkhp download to root your Android Nougat smartphone

In the march 2016 Google has start the beta test for the latest Android OS update and after 5 beta tests finally in last 22nd of August 2016 the seventh major version of the Android Operation system has released officially. And it is named as Android Nougat 7.0. This version has many added features and introduces notable changes to the OS system. But now yes the users who are love for the root access has searching for a tool to root Android Nougat. And the best Solution is here. You can Rootkhp download to root your android Nougat device.

Little about Android Nougat

Every android user may love to receive the latest Android OS system to their android Smartphone or tablet. And now the latest OS system in the android field is Android Nougat. It has added more features and more improvements for the system. In the Android 7.0 the daydream feature is enhance and rename as screen savers, and add the quick multitasking. Yes it is marvelous now you can two apps in the screen with Android Nougat Multi-window support. And also there are so many features in the lock screen, message app, Notification, Data saver, settings, Keyboard shortcut and many more.

Can Rootkhp to root Android nougat?

OK now if you own the android Nougat smartphone then you know what you can really do from it. But beside them you need to have more then you need to root your device. Then you can get the administration access of your device. So here you can download Rootkhp to root Android 7.0 running devices.


Rootkhp is a free tool you can download to root your device. And the tool is easy to use and it has a simple data based so the tool is easy to use. And it is a one-click root tool. Rootkhp has supported large database of devices. The tool is released the first version in February of 2015 and the tool is update usually, so you can get the updated versions from the program website. And the available latest version is Rootkhp v1.6.It has added new devices to get the root access from the tool and it also have translator to another languages beside English. And the version is fix the problem with Windows vista.

Rootkhp compatible device

Here as you know that the tool is compatible for more than 1000 models. And Rootkhp is support for the Windows vista to windows 10 operating systems. And the latest version is support for Huawei G9 Plus, BlackBerry Priv, Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, BlackBerry DTEK50,  Xiaomi Mi5 and other devices and also compatible for Asus, Sony, Panasonic, ZTE, Lenovo, Micromax, Toshiba, Iris and many more other devices.

Rootkhp rooting guide

OK I think from the above tutorial you have the idea to root your android Nougat (7.0) running smartphone. And until now the Rootkhp Apk is in developing process. So you are unable to download Rootkhp directly to your android device to root Android Nougat.Till that you have the chance to use the Rootkhp PC version. And here the PC want to be Window based one.